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Double Major and Minor Program

Double Major and Minor Program


Undergraduate Engineering students may simultaneously study in two different degree programs by satisfying the academic achievement requirements and by consent of Faculty Administrative Board.


Undergraduate Ozyegin University students may take a limited number of courses offered at OzU by another Undergraduate program in a specific field of interest in order to receive a double minor certificate, which does not substitute for a diploma, provided that they satisfy the necessary academic achievement requirements in their undergraduate programs and by consent of Faculty Administrative Board.
In order to receive a double minor certificate, the below requirements must be satisfied.

Compulsory Courses for Minor (starting from the academic year 2021-2022)

MATH 211

Linear Algebra

MATH 217

Probability and Statistics

CS 101 or CS 103 or CS 104

Computer Programming or Computer Programming for Engineers or Introduction to Programming

CS 102 or CS 105

Object-Oriented Programming or Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

MATH 112 or CS 112

Discrete Mathematics or Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

CS 201

Data Structures and Algorithms

CS 202

Database Management Systems

Elective Courses for CS Minor (Two of the courses below must be chosen)

CS 321

Programming Paradigms

CS 333

Analysis of Algorithms

CS 320

Software Engineering

CS 350

Operating Systems

CS 410

Automata Theory and Formal Language

CS 447

Computer Networks