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3 BS Alumni

3 BS Alumni

Bilgisayar Mühendisliği

We will keep updating the success stories of our graduates at this page who had their undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering department at Özyeğin University.

Ozan Tarlan

Ozan Tarlan (CS), completed his first internship in database management at AXA Sigorta. In his second internship, he worked on robotic process automation at Datassist. After completing his undergraduate education, he started his master's degree on Network security in 2020. During his master's degree, his advisor was Dr. Kübra Kalkan and Dr. from Fibabanka R&D Center. Together with Ilgın Şafak, he conducted research on improving IoT device security with DLT in the TÜBİTAK project. Currently, Ozan is a PhD student at Özyeğin University and he is working on a TÜBİTAK project on Blockchain and Software Testing with his advisors Dr. Kübra Kalkan, Dr. Ilgın Şafak and Dr. Hasan Sözer.

Osman Furkan Kınlı

Osman Furkan Kınlı (CS 2018),obtained his master's degree in Computer Science the following year. Within the scope of his master's thesis, he worked on similar image retrieval using Capsule Networks. He is currently continuing his doctoral thesis work. His research areas cover image processing, computer vision, image manipulation and restoration, illuminance and colors, and computational photography. He has achieved awards in international competitions related to night photography rendering in consecutive years. He has received the best reproducibility report and the best reviewer awards in international challenges on the reproducibility of academic research in Computer Science. In addition to his doctoral studies, he has also worked as a teaching assistant in undergraduate courses and as a research assistant in different research projects for his department. Furthermore, as venturing into the entrepreneurial journey in early 2020, he founded a Canadian-based company called T-Fashion, which provides services in AI-driven fashion trend analysis and generative fashion design.

Sami Menteş

Sami Menteş (CS),completed his first-year internship at Microsoft. During his second internship at Periter Research and Technology Inc., the representative company of FLIR Surveillance Inc, he worked on Computer Vision software. During his undergraduate years, he developed an autonomous mapping robot founded by TUBITAK with his dormitory friends.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he pursued a master's degree with a focus on Computer Vision. In his first year, his work was selected for the ML Reproducibility Challenge 2020 and published in the ReScience-C Journal. Later on, under the guidance of Dr. Furkan Kıraç, he and the OzU Vision Lab members published workshop papers at the prestigious CVPR and ECCV conferences, graduating with high honors.

Currently, he works as a Computer Vision Engineer at Fizyr, a leading Computer Vision company in the robotic logistics sector based in the Netherlands.