Özyeğin University, Çekmeköy Campus Nişantepe District, Orman Street, 34794 Çekmeköy - İSTANBUL

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At the Department of Computer Science at Özyeğin, we value high-quality research throughput. Current research areas we focus on are systems, software, computer vision, graphics, computer networks and machine learning. The research interests of the Özyeğin University Computer Science faculty include:


  • Cloud computing
  • Data mining models and databases
  • Data stream and complex event processing
  • Web services, SOA, session management
  • File and storage systems
  • Adaptive caching 

Machine Learning

  • Text-to-speech synthesis
  • Noise-robust automatic speech recognition
  • Embedded text-to-speech and speech recognition
  • Speaker identification/verification
  • Noise-robust multi-sensor speech coding
  • Signal processing for hearing aids and cochlear implants

Computer Vision and Graphics

  • 3D reconstruction from photographs or video
  • 3D face modeling and animation
  • Augmented reality and games
  • Face tracking and emotion recognition
  • Video object tracking


  • Programming language semantics
  • Software engineering
  • Functional programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Software architecture and design patterns
  • Program generation
  • Compiler construction
  • Type systems

Computer Networks

  • Media delivery over networks: Multimedia data stream delivery techniques over existing networks such as the Internet and designing new architectures for improved services such as videoconferencing, IPTV, 3DTV, VoD, and alike
  • Wireless networks: Cooperative Networks, Wireless P2P and P4P Networks, Wireless DCCP
  • Next generation Internet: Designing a new architecture for the Internet of tomorrow to solve problems like real-time, low-delay transport, security, etc.
  • Factoring finance in engineering design: Developing design techniques considering the target markets from the beginning
  • Providing Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees for storage and applications
  • Theory and implementation for future wireless communication applications: Sensor and actuator networks, cross-layer optimization, system design for reliability in wireless
  • Network science, complex dynamic systems, science of interaction
  • Networks of Communication, sensor and control systems, infrastructure systems, urban engineering
  • Mobility, location